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Suitcases are available online and offline in every size and color

With options for each & every mood, budget, and style, there has never been a good time to invest in travel gear than now. Whether you’re hopping across the globe for work or play, a chic, travel gear should be on your priority list. However, finding the correct travel gear to fit individual travel needs and personal style can be a difficult task.

Weat SuliteBags believe that the best gearfor travel has to be handsome, practical, and tailored to the needs of today’s nomads. Functional design, quality materials, and efficient, customizable packing space are paramount to a successful travel experience, regardless of how big or small.

Sulite is the trusted brand and best place to buy travel gear online. Our extensive line of travel gear includes suitcases, luggage bags, packing organizers, in-flight comfort and travel accessories. Our suitcase for family travel is well tested and checked through various trials and on different parameters like distance, quality and durability. We ensure that our material, zippers, design, and wheels clung & crafted well to fit your travel requirements.

Explore our travel gear for high-quality and unique designs. Our designs are comfortable, safe, and suits your style. We aim to provide our customers with a unique travel experience and guaranteed satisfaction.

Sulite travel gear is a perfect choice for frequent travellers, business and adventure travellers. So now what are you waiting for? Our luggageis ready to handle all your stuff safely, so just head away to your next destination with style and comfort. Leave all the winter blues or the blazing summer behind, find your perfect travel gear for a pleasant destination and be ready to delight yourself. We have travel gear for every occasion and moods to bring you and your dear ones closer.

Here are some of the best gears for travel that you can think to invest this year: –

1) Hyper: – The Hyper model suitcases are cabin-size luggage. High-quality scratch resistance material is used on the exterior of the suitcase. Because of the adequate space available, it can carry sufficient baggage. The suitcase is available in superb black and blue colours. It has a simple number locking system that ensures it is safe and secure. An aluminium trolley system is included in the case and it also includes 4 wheelers for easy pulling. It comes in a size of 20 inches.

Suitcases are available online and offline in every size and color

2) Pager: – The Pager model suitcase is ideal for both business and long journeys. It has tough covering. The suitcase has elegant lines that form an enticing design. The suitcase is extremely robust and well examined. The pager suitcase is sold in three large sizes 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches. It is available in two shades, i.e., black and navy blue.The suitcase includes a TSA lock that takes care of baggage safety. An articulated iron trolley is easily accessible, 8-wheels at the bottom and scratch resistance body.

3) Diva: – Diva model is a small size suitcase which is suitable for business trips. It is a square shape suitcase which has hard material exterior and interior. It comes in black colour which gives it a pure professional corporate law look. Diva suitcases are available in classic black colour. It possesses a strong TSA lock, an 8-wheeler system, and an aluminium trolley system. It has two side zipper sliders and available in two sizes, i.e., 20 inches and 24 inches.


4) Leap: – The Leap suitcase is the best choice for business trips. The outside and inside of the case consist of hard scratch resistance material, making it a robust luggage carrier. The Leap suitcase is available in two professional-looking shades i.e., charcoal and silver. It can carry sufficient baggage because of the vast amount of available space. Two sizes i.e., 28 inches and 24 inches are available in this suitcase. It has a safe TSA lock that keeps the baggage safe and secure. The aluminium trolley with 8 wheelers makes carrying and dragging luggage on any ground simpler for the customer.

5) Devil: – The Devil suitcases are high-quality suitcases. These have amazing devil style with two bat wings attached on both sides and Devil thorns on the top. The front of the suitcase is designed to give it a devil front. The suitcases have ample space inside in the bulky body. These are available in black, pink, red, blue and green colours. The suitcase has 8 wheels at the bottom which makes it easier to pull. To handle this suitcase, it has an aluminium trolley system. The exterior and interior of the suitcase are made up of tough material. It is available in 16 inches size.

6) Rider:- The Rider model suitcases are one of the most decent and modern-looking suitcases. The horizontal strip pattern enhances its lookand makes it look trendy when walking with it. It has a two-sided zipper system which helps you to close the suitcase smoothly without making it harder to pull one side zipper. Rider model comes with an aluminium trolley system, eight-wheel puller systems and expander for extra space. It can be easily pulled on any surface. There are three sizes available for Rider suitcases 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches. To make the journey safer and secure it comes with a secured TSA lock. The colours available in this model are black, midnight blue, azure, and tomato red.

7) Tour: – The Tour model suitcase is a long suitcase. It has a beautiful step pattern and gives a traditional look. The body of the suitcase is made up of hard material of high quality. The suitcase has enough space inside to keep a sufficient amount of clothes and other necessary items for the journey. The Tour model suitcase is suitable for long trips as it can carry enough clothes and other necessary stuff which can be needed at the time of the journey. To protect the luggage, it has a TSA lock. The suitcase is available in royal blue, black, rose gold and silver colour. The puller system of the suitcase contains 8 wheels and to make the handling of the suitcase easier there is an integrated aluminium trolley system. This suitcase can be chosen in three sizes 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches.

8) Elegant: – The Elegant suitcase is a large suitcase with plenty of room to store ample luggage. The suitcase is made of hard material to keep your luggage free and safe. The Elegant suitcase is available in three sizes 20, 24 and 28 inches. It has a TSA lock that keeps the luggage secure and safe. The suitcase is available in black and grey colours. There are 8 wheels at the bottom and a push-button aluminium trolley system.

9) Kid: – The Kid model suitcases are designed especially for kids. The front of the suitcase has different cartoon characters loved by kids. The design of this suitcase is created after ensuring the security of kids and keeping them safe. These suitcases are compact which makes them easy to pull for children. The Kid model suitcases are available in white, grey, red, yellow, and flower blue colours. These are created with the concern of kid’s safety keeping in mind. There is a TSA lock available to keep the luggage secure. The handling of these suitcases is very easy as they have an aluminium trolley system and 8-wheel puller system. The suitcase is available in three sizes 18 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches.

10) Trip: – The Trip model suitcase is specifically designed for a comfortable and smooth trip. It has tough material both on the outside and inside. It is available in light blue, grey and black colour. You can travel around freely without any trouble with this suitcase. It is offered in three sizes 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches. There is a secure TSA lock that holds the luggage protected even if you are not around. Thanks to the integrated eight-wheel system on the bottom, the suitcase is easy to handle. An aluminium trolley system is available to pull quickly on any surface.

11) Snider: – A partner to smooth journey Snider is a royal and antique look suitcase. They are trendy-looking luggage carriers that can hold a sufficient amount of luggage for your whole journey. The modern lines pattern on the shiny exterior gives them a designer look. Snider model is made especially for a long journey. It can be purchased in two sizes which are 24 inches and 28 inches. The suitcase is available in two colours white and black. For luggage safety and customer security, there is a strong TSA lock. To make the handling of the suitcase easier there is an aluminium trolley system available with 8 wheels integrated into the bottom.

12) Rover: – Rover is an exquisite large suitcase. It is convenient to handle and has sufficient baggage storage. It is specially designed to simplify your journey. The suitcase has a stylish front cover consisting of long-lasting material. Rover interior is spacious enough to fill it with clothes and products. It is accessible in three huge sizes of 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches. The TSA lock guarantees safe and secure travel. It has an 8-wheel pulling system and Aluminium handle trolley. The colours available in this suitcase are black, wine, and white.

13) Elite: – Elite suitcases are designed with hard material interior and exterior parts of the suitcases. The suitcase is designed with modern requirements and there is ample space available inside. Elite suitcases are available in two colours which are charcoal and silver. The suitcases are secured by TSA locks which are capable of keeping your luggage safe throughout your journey. The size available in this suitcase is 20 inches (Cabin luggage) and it comes with an aluminium trolley system and separate laptop space. To make these suitcases easier to pull on any surface there are 8 wheels available at the bottom.

14) Exclusive: – The Exclusive suitcase model is a business-style suitcase. The Exclusive suitcase is Cabin size luggage suitable for small journeys. They are convenient to handle and can easily troll around. The size of the suitcase does not affect its luggage capacity. The hard-shell cover of the exterior of the suitcase makes it a reliable choice for our customers. The size of the exclusive suitcase is 17 inches. It is available in two colours black and silver. The lock integrated with this suitcase is a high-quality TSA lock. The wheeler system of the suitcase consists of 8 wheels and an aluminium trolley makes it easier to carryluggage throughout the journey.

15) Glitter: – The Glitter model suitcase is available in a rectangular shape. The sleek presentation of the suitcase makes it fashionable and stylish during the ride. The suitcase body is made from high-quality material. More than 10 pairs of clothes can be placed in it. The Glitter model comes with an aluminium trolley system and an 8-wheel puller. It is the best choice for longer journeys as it can be drawn on any surface easily. The Glitter suitcase is available in 20 inches. To make the journey safer and comfortable, a strong TSA lock is provided. The colour available in this model is pink.

16) Ranger: – Ranger is the suitcase model that is perfect for rough journeys. The exterior of the suitcase is made of a thick and tough covering. The suitcase is created exclusively by taking customer requirements and comfort into considerations. Ranger suitcase is available in four magnificent colours rose gold, silver, dark grey and black. It has 8-wheel, aluminium trolley system and protected TSA lock. It comes in two sizes 20 inches and 24 inches with two side zipper sliders.

17) Tough: – The Tough model suitcase as the name suggests is made with high-quality aluminium material which gives it a strong interior and exterior. It is one of the strongest suitcases models which can be carried anywhere. The Tough suitcases are available in two classic colours, i.e., black and silver. This suitcase is available in single size of 20 inches. It has a secure TSA lock which keeps the luggage inside the suitcase safe and secure. It has an aluminium trolley which makes it easier for the customer to handle and pull at any surface because of 8-wheel systems.

18) Storm: – The Storm model suitcase as the name suggests is made with high-quality aluminium material which gives it a strong interior and exterior. It can be purchased in 20 inches size. The suitcase is available in two luminous colours silver and antique gold. For luggage safety and customer security, there is a strong TSA lock. To make the handling of the suitcase easier there is an aluminium trolley system available with 8 wheels integrated into the bottom.


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