Key Factors to Keep in Mind while choosing Suitcase

Grey cabin-size suitcase with wheels and telescopic handle

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As wonderful as it is, traveling can be stressful. Here, we aim to make your travel as calm as possible. The best way to decrease problems while traveling is to ensure you are using the best travel luggage for your needs.

Here, we are going to give you some useful tips which you should keep in your mind at the time of buying suitcase. The following guide–with handy tips from Sulite will assist you in choosing the right suitcase.

Grey cabin-size suitcase with wheels and telescopic handle

Consider the items you plan to purchase. This will help you determine the ideal features for your suitcase, which will help you choose luggage.

These are the factors which you should consider while choosing a suitcase:

• Luggage With Features
• Luggage Size
• Luggage with Durability
• Luggage with Safety Features

Choosing Luggage Size


Size plays an important role while choosing luggage because everybody has their own preferences (Say someone wants big while other wants small suitcase).

Here are some general guidelines to consider:

• First thing that you should know about the overall size of the bag should be limited to what you can handle, because there may be times when no one is around to help you lift it.

• Be sure to check the luggage allowance of all the airlines you’ll be traveling with because different airlines have different size requirements, so be prepared for it.

• It’s really very important to consider the allowed weight of your luggage. Sulite Hyper suitcase is a perfect choice which matches your requirement by having all these general guidelines. So now what are you waiting for? Our bags are ready to handle all your stuff safely.

Choosing Luggage with Features

Today, suitcases come with a lot of different options with very good features that affect transportation, packing, and protection.

Need to pack for a 7kg baggage allowance? A minimalist suitcase is key! If your goal is to pack light, try to choose a suitcase that weighs less than 5lb or 2kg like the Rider suitcase , which is one of the most decent and modern-looking light-weighted suitcases.



Colour doesn’t matter for any suitcase, but there are a few advantages. The basic colours will help your suitcase fit in. For example: -He/She would most likely go for the ones that look most expensive. You can find a simple black, red and blue suitcase anywhere. But other colours, such as yellow, purple, pink, rose gold, orange, grey, brown, etc, will stand out. An advantage of this is there won’t be many suitcases in these colours. So, if you lose the suitcase, or are collecting it after landing at the airport, you’ll easily spot or rule it out.


Sulite gives you suitcase in many different types of colours which you can select on the basis of your interest such as-TourElegantRoverStorm etc.



There are multiple choices when it comes to wheels and that is two, four, and eight. Suitcases with two wheels are known as lighter but have the risk of tipping over if they’re not balanced.


While four wheels like Hyper will stand upright and are easier to pull sideways. And, eight wheels at the bottom are easiest among all these. You can look for options such as: –PagerDivaDevilLeapRiderTourElegantTripkidSniderRoverClearEliteExclusiveGlitterRangerToughStorm, etc.

Telescoping Handles


A rolling suitcase such as:- PagerDivaLeapGlitterStorm is much easier to manage since you pull the weight instead of carrying it and make sure your case’s handle is easily retractable. Before buying a suitcase, walk with it to make sure it doesn’t hit you on the heels as you walk.

Security Locks


Ensure that they have zippers and an internal locking system just like ToughRangerExclusiveElegant, etc as these are mandatory for every suitcase, and never buy a suitcase which you can’t lock.

Safety Tips


• Invest in travel insurance that covers lost or stolen baggage.

• Keep all your travel documents in your hand luggage so you can keep an eye on them at all times.

• Include a waterproof label and contact information with your luggage (not your home address–this could highlight the opportunity of an empty house to thieves). If in any situation your Suitcases is lost then it has a greater chance of being returned to you quickly.

• Check your luggage as soon as you land because you can quickly contact the airline if anything is missing.

• Check your suitcase lock first before buying any Suitcases because a trusty lock is guaranteed too, and at least it can slow down a thief or put them off altogether.

Our bags are designed with all these safety tips which make your travel comfortable and safe. We aim to provide our customers with a unique travel experience with guaranteed satisfaction.

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