Suitcases: Perfect for your Little Kid

Kids' luggage in green color is available online and offline for the shop.

Are you looking for a good looking and best quality travel luggage for your kids but confused about which one to get?

There’s no need to panic or think more about it. Sulite is here to help you out.

One must have their own travel luggage, right??? If we adults have that liability then why not allow our kids to have their own travel bags.

One thing that you should keep in your mind, however, is that every trip is different from your kid’s trip; luggage needs might be very different as well, depending on your trips.

The Best Travel suitcase for kids


Kids' luggage in green color is available online and offline for the shop.

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The Devil suitcases are high-quality devil looking suitcases. These devil-style bags have amazing devil style with two bat wings attached on both sides and devil thorns on the top. Your kids are definitely going to love this one as the front of the suitcase is designed to give it a look devil front and style which make it different from others. The suitcases have a large space inside in this bulky body. These Devil suitcases are available in black, pink, red, blue, and green colours.

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The suitcases has 8 wheels at the bottom which makes it easier to pull. To handle this suitcases it has an aluminium trolley system. It is available in 16 inches size.


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The kid model suitcases are designed especially for your cute kids which are very attractive. The front of the suitcase has different cartoon characters that are definitely going to be loved by your kids. The design of these suitcases is created after ensuring the security of kids and keeping them safe. These suitcases are compact and comfort which makes them easy to pull for your kids. The kid model suitcases are available in white, grey, red, yellow, and flower blue colours

These are created with the concern of kid’s safety keeping in mind. There is a TSA lock available which kids can use for luggage security. The handling of these suitcases is very easy as they have an aluminium trolley system and 8-wheel puller system. The suitcases is available in three sizes 18 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches.

The quality of these kid’s suitcase


There are multiple choices when it comes to wheels and that is two, four, and eight. Suitcases with two and four wheels are known as lighter but have the risk of tipping over if they’re not balanced.

While eight wheels will stand upright and are easier to pull sideways.

Telescoping Handles

A rolling suitcase is much easier to manage since you pull the weight instead of carrying it and make sure your case’s handle is easily retractable.

Before buying a suitcase, walk with it to make sure it doesn’t hit you on the heels as you walk.


If you want a good quality suitcase on your budget, choose a two-bar handle that is sturdier than a one-bar in cheap luggage.If you are investing in a quality brand, then one handle is okay. It will be lighter, too.

Security Locks

Ensure that they have zippers and an internal locking system, these are mandatory for every suitcase, and never buy a suitcase which you can’t lock.

Conclusion: –

These all are about our kid’s suitcase which will definitely help you choose the right suitcase for your children and to make their journey more interesting and comfortable. With the help of this blog, we have certainly smoothed it over for you! Want to find more amazing ideas about suitcases, then make sure you subscribe to and follow our Instagram channel “SuliteBags” and like, follow our Facebook channel “SuliteBags”, Linkedln channel “SuliteBags”, and Twitter channel “SuliteBags” for more content like this in the future!